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About the Brands

British fashion designer, Faye Wilde, founded Beau Loves after her son Beau was born.  The quirky collection is gender-neural and known for the fun graphics, creative use of color, and the cool superhero mask logo.  The adventurous, stylish yet creative collection comprises of versatile pieces that can be easily matched with other Beau Loves garments.  The stylish range of Beau Loves clothing is practical to any active children.  All Beau Loves garments are designed, printed, and made in London, England.  Beau Loves is a label for cool babies, girls, boys, and parents alike.  Fun-loving and fearless personality can be found over every inch of each Beau Loves collection.

Cacharel is a famous French brand founded by Jean Louis Henri Bousquet in the early 1960s.  The gorgeous childrenswear collection reflects the latest trend of adult’s fashion.  The line is mainly inspired by the mainline of womenswear collection with the unique and youthful touches exclusively to the little fashionistas.  The designers of Cacharel emphasize on sophisticated, classic, and elegant style encompassing the romantic grounds.  Each garment is designed and made with the finest fabrics with couture details in mind.  As one of the most reputable brands in the fashion industry, Cacharel has created the conventional codes in children’s wear.

Belgian designer, Caroline Bosmans, is a luxurious kidswear with graphic prints and high quality.  Her award-winning collection is based on a story or concept which contrasts between light and dark with the boundaries between boys and girls.  The label designs edgy yet humorous pieces with the minimal set of colours.

Hucklebones creates beautiful clothing for girls aged 3 months to 10 years.  Every garment is meticulously considered, with close attention to tailoring and the stunning details to ensure each piece has its own charming style.  Hucklebones offers new colour palette, quality fabrics, refined designs that reflect both the upcoming trends and silhouettes for each season.  Classic timelessness is the key to all of Hucklebones designs.  The collection is made with long-lasting fabrics, the majority of which are carefully sourced from British and European mills.  The Hucklebones look is clear, feminine and sophisticated which at the same time maintains the innocence and joy of childhood.

Bobo Choses was created in 2008 by two Art Directors, Laia Aguilar and Adriana Esperalba.  Based in Barcelona, it is not surprising to see their strong Spanish identity in their playful and coloured kids clothing collection.  While the aesthetic of the Bobo Choses graphic design reflect the language of children speak, the quality of the garment is equally important.  The brand is committed in making soft and natural materials while including the use of organic cottons in some of the designs.  Each season, the designs of the collection are based on a story and theme which brings inspiration to children. It is known to be a friendly clothing brand that speaks the language that children speak.  Bobo Choses is a brand with a BIG heart.  It has been supporting different ethnical causes through their social awareness projects “Act by Bobo”.

British designers Jessie and James met while they were working in the creative department of Vivienne Westwood’s studio in London.  Not surprising, the creative couple designs little garments using clever and exquisite cutting principles with a strong unique identity.  Each piece of garment is versatile and can easily combine with different styles for the personal, trendy look.  The modern high quality collection makes every effort to ensure each garment is comfortable, practical, and most importantly, fashionable.  The playful humorous collection designs to capture the joy and to enhance the unique character of every child.  The traffic stopping brand has been captivated attention in the Hollywood crowd.

La De Dah Kids was born out of need for affordable, on-trend, quality kids toys and decor in Australia. Starting out from a vast selection of handmade and/or quality items including textiles, soft furnishings and toys to design quirky and unusual pieces now. Each product is designed in Australia and are handmade ethically by a passionate team of women. La De Dah kids products are tailored towards both children and the child at heart, lovers of the quirky and unusual, and anyone who reaches out to the amazing world with imagination, wonder and creativity.

Les Pascalettes is an elegant and innovative bib which is secretly dreamed about by every mom.  A chic, adorable bib which protects the pretty clothes of the little ones while completing their perfect look.  The bibs are designed to be used with moderation for culinary experiences of all kinds, featuring Peter Pan collar for girls and shirt collar for boys.  French designer Charlotte, offers flashy color, attractive printed patterns and unique materials in her collection.  Whether the bib is made with fine lace, imitation leather, silk or simple cotton, it is definitely a traffic stopper accessory!

Paperboat Creations – Design was founded in 2009 by graphic designer & illustrator Elena Sebekos.  Her studio was formed with a love to create conceptual designs with a modern simplicity and an illustrative impression.  The studio offers a creative cluster of designs with a mixture of style and whim in everything from branding, corporate identity to posters & stationery design.  One of her creative pursuits was to start a small shop to showcase her poster designs for kids & grown-ups alike in hope that they will be loved, and aesthetically brighten up any space in their home.

Danish brand Luckyboysunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home, inspired by an artistic take on the world of children.
The brand’s designers, Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup, are highly creative textile designers with backgrounds in fashion and art, who founded their studio in 2007. Their work magically straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual, bringing a poetic, artistic sensibility to both the living room and the children’s room. All luckyboysunday’s designs are manufactured in bolivia, where alpaca have been bred for their precious wool for centuries. All items are knitted in cooperatives working under the fair trade principle by very talented women, using only the highest grade wool, which is as valuable and as soft as cashmere.

Lucky No. 7: a tough looking baby and toddler clothing brand. Boys only, Girls allowed! Lucky No. 7 stands for a little bit rebellious, tough, comfort, sustainability awareness and a wink at teen fashion. Why can’t little ones look just as tough as the big guys? Rebellious? Just a little bit! The collection consists of tees, bottoms and onepieces 50% of the collection is made of organic cotton with elastane, which makes the clothing comfortable and supple. The basic colors are black –white and grey melee for the cool & urban look. Little ones will definitely steal the spotlight in a Lucky No. 7 outfit! The woman behind Lucky No. 7 is Risma Bachoe, mother of a daughter and a son and successfully active in retail for several years. Setting up a children’s clothing brand has always been a dream; a dream that’s about to come true! Risma discovered by accident, after the birth of her son on the 7th of July 2013, that the number 7 always keeps returning in her life, in different ways. Therefore she decided to call her label Lucky No. 7. Coincidence does not exist, some things in life are meant to be!

Minimel is founded by French designer Mélanie Marasse who has nimble fingers and enchanting creativities. After creating her brand of children’s clothing she decided to change course and began decoration. Her mini collection of trophies, maps, posters and bag is absolutely adorable.

Mini Rodini was founded in 2005 by the well-renowned Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin.  Being inspired by her great grandfather Brazil Jack, a legendary circus king, each season the collection surprises us with bold animals and circus inspired prints.  The brand ethos is to have their clothing match the mood and creativity of the kids.  Mini Rodini focuses on humorous and modern designs while instilling the environmental and ethnical aspects.  The Swedish brand makes both parent and child smile. It is one of the many reasons why Mini Rodini has quickly become a world class children’s fashion brand.

Nanos, is a Spanish brand which the word means ‘little one’. , which was found in 1963. The luxurious brand creates beautiful timeless childrenwear using new shapes and textures. Throughout the years, the company has been adding a modern unique style with the traditional aspects of using high quality craftsmanship and luxurious soft fabrics. The brand is well known in using soft color coordinated palettes along with its traditional aspects of handmade with embroidered fabric, lace, crochet and many other fine details.

NUNUNU has a blend of Attitude, Style, and Humor using high quality fabrics, urban designs in a range of colors and styles!  A trendy yet comfortable alternative to ordinary baby and kid’s fashion.  Basic use of colors allow pieces to mix effortlessly to create a unique de-constructed look with a personal touch.  Fun prints with loads of skulls, stars, and numbers are the signature of NUNUNU elements.  Cool style yet cozy to wear.  These rock clothes have become the hottest kids’ brands and are a hit with celebrities and their babies all over the world.

New Zealand based company Noah and Bowie is founded in 2013. Designer, Mandy Price, presents an original collection that is specializing in high quality, simplicitic, ‘statement piece’ childrens clothing and bedroom accessories. Her collection including her signature bears which is inspired by her crazy children Noah and Bowie.

NOCH mini, founded in 2010, is a New York based company.  The environmentally friendly company believes in committing to design beautiful, simple yet sophisticated clothing for children.  Noch mini is an environmentally friendly company which is committed to create every garment using certified organic materials and low impact dyes method.  NOCH’s creators’ believe fashion forward attitudes and fashion design with the use of soft, high quality organic materials.

Piccolo Studio is an Ausralian label creating beautiful paper goods based in Sydney, Australia. They specialized in paper cut artworks, garlands, greeting cards, invitations, party decor as well as a select range of hand picked items to beautifully compliment our own range.
The ethos is simple and timeless designs using the highest quality materials available, all made with love and care.

Prjona Plym means “knitted feather. The husband and wife duo, Jen and Chris, created a chic and clean vegan friendly line of pom knitted hats. The simple design with eye catching knitted statement makes their hats super chic and modern.
That explains why Prjona Plym has a mission that their hand knitted feather will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.

UK based designer, Rebecca Kiff, carefully sources all of her materials to create her line of luxurious yet functional for the modern home. All of her print designs are conceived as hand painted illustrations. We fell in love with her fun designs and appreciate the fabrics that are high quality and long lasting for her nursery and kids room collection. Every item is created from scratch at her studio in UK. She has created a magical world of tactile prints that both adults and kids will love to spend time in!

Sonny Angel is a little sweet boy who wears different types of headgear. It was first introduced in Japan and soon after a mini figure series was released wearing different animal headgear. They are designed for both boys, girls, and parents. A major feature of the Sonny Angel series is that each series consists of the 12 different headgear in “blind box packaging”. You do not know which you will get until opening the package. Each series includes a “secret” Sonny Angel which appears randomly. Some of the “special secret versions” exist and they are only 10, 50 or 100 in the whole world.

Renowned from her famous women’s wear line, designer Stella McCartney, created a modern, fun, and timeless collection for children. This collection reflects her vision of balancing both fashion forward aesthetic and ethnic responsibility. She uses high-quality fabrics, including super soft organic cotton, in her collections with playful prints and creative, wearable designs. Some of her pieces are imaginative and some prints and designs are inspired by her own children. She believes in constructing kids’ collections with children in mind while committing her vision of offering responsible fashion.

SUOAK is a New York based, contemporary, eclectic fashion brand, dedicated to the young, modern family.  The brand aims to create a unique sensory experience for babies and children through the use of contrasting colors, patterns, textures, and quality fabrics.  Elly Geana-Park, designer and founder, draws inspiration from her cultural diverse background to playfully combine various influences and shape them into a style that is unique, appealing and relevant.  SUOAK focuses on detailed well-crafted gorgeous dresses to trendy mini outfits.  The one of a kind and fashionable collections are a tribute to the wonderfully expressive personality that children carry.

Tutu du Monde, is a beautiful brand with stunning garments, in which a little girl can dress up and immerse in their make-believe magical world.  The brand was born when an Australian designer, Andrea Rembeck, could not find a tutu dress that was not bright pink, mass produced, with itchy polyester for her daughter.  Tutu du Monde is a range of tutus that have whimsical, delicate, dreamy, and comfortable designs in mind.  Tutu du Monde was inspired by French ballet costumes and each garment is delicately hand-made like couture with ribbons, crystal beads, feather, and sparkly sequins.  Each garment is hand-dyed in beautiful blush tones, ivory and white.  The exquisite beading and meticulous work on each dress can take an entire day to complete.  Tutu du Monde           is truly one of a kind piece to every little girl and parents who appreciate the design and well craftsmanship on each dress.

Winter Water Factory is a US based brand in New York and is the brainchild of Stephenie Lynen and Todd Wamock.   The design and manufacturing company specializing in screen printed textiles and organic kids’ clothing   Each garment features bold, fresh, and playful textile prints like flowers, cats, cars, and aliens.   Each garment is crafted with stylish, practical, and classic designs.  Winter Water Factory believes in creating high-quality products for a healthy planet.   All garments are handmade in USA from fabric to the final stitch.  The wild name of “Winter Water Factory” was founded by Stephanie Lynen and her sister when they bottled fresh snow and sold it to their parents as “Winterwasser”.  The journey of creating fine, natural products continue from Escheweiler, Germany to Brooklyn, New York.

Whistle & Flute Clothing is a line of modern and stylish unisex children’s apparel inspired by contemporary design and typography, street fashion and Japanese kawaii style. The name, “Whistle & Flute” comes from the English rhyming-slang for a suit of clothes. The collection was designed by the husband and wife duo of Ryan and Miranda McCullagh. Ryan is a graphic designer with experience in apparel printing and Miranda has a background in fashion design with an artistic eye and a strong sense for anticipating trends. Miranda and Ryan decided to create the line following the birth of their son, Akira. These two lovebirds first began working together artistically in the indie-pop band, The Paper Cranes and they have carried that same creative passion to their work on Whistle & Flute.