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Modern Mama Krisztina Paskuly from krisztina_1

I’m excited to share my interview with my friend Krisztina Paskuly from L.A. I’ve known Krisztina through Instagram a year ago and I was fascinated by her beautiful photos and passion in designs. She also has a modern blogpost where she shares her modern family life, food, and styles. Although I’ve never met Krisztina, I feel like we’ve known each other forever. Her down to earth and friendly personalities make me comfortable.

1.  Hello Krisztina, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Budapest Hungary, and I moved to the States after I finished college, I have a BA in Photography and Liberal Arts. I live in L.A. with my husband John, and our two sons Liam 8, and Kai 2. I am a stay at home Mom and i do freelance lifestyle photography on the side.


2.  Tell us about how you start your blog

I love taking pictures of everything but mostly my boys, and I found myself using Instagram as an online diary documenting our everyday life. Thru out this journey I had the pleasure to meet some lovely small shop owners, and blogging is a great platform to introduce my favorite stores and brands.

3.  You are a coffee drinker and I could totally relate to that.  What is your good cup of coffee?

I love coffee! As a true European I love a good espresso or a latte made out of a good espresso with soymilk. I am not a fan of drip coffee.


4.  You were a photographer before you started your family with John at Gravy Productions.  How do you find yourself evolve from a photographer to a blogger?

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, when it doesn’t than it’s time to add the words to the pictures and hopefully becomes a great blog post. I have a problem with writing in English still so I usually like to keep it short and sweet.

5.  As a busy mom of two, what is your routine like to keep a balance of your blog and spending precious time with your


I only post on my blog 1-2 a month so I definitely put family first. I post on my Instagram on a regular basis because it only takes a few minutes away from my boys. I am taking pictures all the time and I only have to add a few lines to the capture.

6.  You and your family are animal lovers and you recently got a puppy Peppa.  How do you find little animals have an

impact on your kids?

Animals add so much joy to life and they teach kids some responsibility, compassion and there is nothing cuter than a baby and a puppy!


7.  I know you have a love in Danish brands, what is your style?  And what you look for in their designs?

I would describe my interior design style as Danish mid-century. I love modern architecture, clean lines, and functional simplicity.

8.  Your photos are amazing and they are more powerful than words can describe.  Any photography tips to moms who

love to take photos of their kids?

I honestly just try to capture my kids without ever posing them even when they might seem posed it’s usually is a rare moment when they are still for a second and I get lucky enough to capture them. I think the best pictures are the spontaneous, honest life moments, of course it helps if those moments happen in some epic surrounding like on a beach in Hawaii.

9.  List 5 top picks from Minimodel Gallery.

Only five? That’s hard I like everything form your store! But my current favorites are the new collections from: Beau Loves, Bobo choses, Bang Bang Copenhagen, Hugo loves Tiki, and Mini Rodini.

10. Last but not least, modern lifestyle is….

Modern lifestyle is: living true to yourself, being humble and authentic with a positive outlook on life.

Krisztina, thank you for sharing your passion in photography and modern lifestyle with us.



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