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MOMTalk – @Lauries_little_ones

I’m very excited and honored to contribute to Mimimodel Gallery this week. Just a bit about me: I live with my husband and our three children just north of Boston, Massachusetts. My love of photography grew once I became a mother. It wasn’t until I was expecting my third baby that I was introduced to the world of Instagram.  I became deeply inspired by other mothers who capture their everyday lives in a beautiful way. This is when I began to look at photography differently and focused on the simple, daily documentation of our days.

I use my iPhone 6 throughout the day to capture sweet, candid moments of childhood. The most critical element to successful iPhone photographs is that of natural light. Our window shades and blinds are always open to allow for as much natural light to stream into our home as possible. We have a lot of dark, natural woodwork throughout our home and we don’t have any white walls at all so it can be challenging to get aesthetically-pleasing images.  I’ve learned to overcome this challenge and I try to take photos of my children when they are playing near or in front of our doors and windows. The combination of the natural light along with the visual of the windows makes for very interesting photographs.

As mentioned above, I have a camera phone and I’ve come to find pretty, natural light throughout our home. I will share some tips on how to best capture active little ones just being little! These tips and tricks that have worked well for me as I’ve embarked on this journey. Please feel free to follow along on my personal page, @lauries_little_ones and let me know if you have any specific questions on any of my images; I’m more than happy to help!

Insert Image #1 (Xander by window)

Image 1.jpg

I thought I would share some tips on sleeping baby photos. The most critical element for me has been the fact that Alexander sleeps well in natural light. I love to take photos from above, so we keep a chair in his room and I experiment with various perspectives. The most important thing is the light so I always raise the shades before I take his photo. I also love to wrap him in beautiful swaddle blankets such as this one from Tiny Cottons. Once I snap a photo, I pull his blinds back down which allows him to sleep longer. This was taken with my iPhone 6 and edited using the @VSCO photo editing app. I applied the A6/Analog filter +12 and adjusted the Brightness to +1.


Insert Image #2 (Xander playing on stool by the kitchen sink)

Image 2[1].jpg

My best advice is to simply observe your children as they play naturally. My youngest really enjoys playing at our kitchen sink. I normally give him a step stool or a small chair for him to stand on while he plays in the water. This keeps him occupied for a long time and I find it easy to focus on him while he plays this way since he is still. A lot of my images are of my children while they are occupied in some sort of task.


Insert Image #3 (Alexander in the kitchen sink bath)

Image 3[1].jpg

These sink bath images are some of my favorite shots. I love to simply watch him as he plays with the water. I normally stand on a kitchen chair so that I can get this perspective. I also like to incorporate the view just outside of our kitchen window. It has been interesting to see these images evolve as the seasons change. In this particular one, you can see a dusting of snow had just fallen. The natural light from our kitchen window helps to make these images beautiful.


Insert Image #4 (Before and After Grids – sleeping baby and three children walking)

Image 4[4].jpg

I thought I would show you a couple of side by side comparison images and how I went about editing them.


Top Image:

This was taken with my iPhone 6 in natural window light. First off, I cropped the image to focus in on the baby’s profile and hands. I then used the Facetune App to smooth his skin and to whiten the crib sheets. Finally, I applied the G3/Portraits +5 preset in VSCO to create a more finished look.

Bottom Image:

We had taken the kids out for a walk just before the sun began to set, yet I wanted more of a golden hour look. In order to achieve this, I used the Snapseed App to add more golden hues to the image. I applied the Glamour Glow filter #2 which created this lovely sheen. I also adjusted the brightness and ambiance a bit before I posted it to my Instagram account. I really enjoy experimenting with various photo editing applications and have also viewed online tutorials to get fresh ideas!

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