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The Extraordinary Ladies Behind Social Common

I am so excited to have an interview this month with two extraordinary ladies from Social Common, Natalie Telfer and Catherine Belknap.  The two ladies are creating a digital community to bring moms closer together.  I knew Natalie and Catherine when I first opened Minimodel Gallery through Instagram.  I was gravitated by their genuine nature when I first met them at one of their cooking workshop.  Over the past two years, they have blossomed from running cocktail parties for moms to having their own live stream Cat & Nat show every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. They encourage mamas connect with other mamas and create a supportive mommy community. They bring guest experts to share tips and advices on all different topics including relationships, sleep, sex, and styles. If you have not visit their show yet, you will love the “real and informative” share of any hot-topics that moms want to find out.

1.  How did Social Common start? 

To be honest, Natalie was looking for more after our second and third babies. We wanted more and knew we needed to connect with moms. We thought about what we were missing, and we knew a ton of moms who just wanted to connect. There was a missing community of moms out there, who desired more out of life as moms. We needed a place to come together to connect as grown-ups and as moms. It didn’t exist, so we created it.

2.  Describe Social Common in 3 words.

Authentic. Connected. Community.

catherine and natalie.jpg

3.  What’s a typical day in the life of Social Common?

LOL! Oh boy, this one is so hard because there is always so much jam-packed into one day! We wake up early to get our social media posts ready and catch up on emails from the night before. The kids get up at 7am, and we get them ready and out the door. We have a meeting, TV segment or filming every morning until 11:30am until we pick up the kids for lunch or have to be home for the little guys. We put the babes down for a nap and get back to work until pick up time between 2:45pm-3:30pm. We usually have after school activities, and then we either have an event, our show or more work once the kids are in bed.

4.  Let’s rewind a year ago from seeing video filmed during drop off and pickups to now having The Cat &

      Nat Show and other videos available daily on Social Common. What motivates both of you to keep going? 

We have a constant drive for success. We LOVE what we are doing and believe we can keep growing and going. We get so many emails from moms thanking us for what we are doing, for making them feel normal in this picture perfect world. We’ve been there, but we’ve also had each other throughout this journey of motherhood, and we are really lucky for that. If we can give people some kind of “normal,” then that feels beyond amazing to us.

5.  Despite your busy schedule, what is the key to having a balance and healthy relationship with the family?

Lucky for us, we work and stay at home. Balance is kind of overrated. It’s what feels right for you. Don’t get caught up in balance. Our balance might not be what’s right for your balance.

Catherine Belknap & Natalie Telfer[1].jpg

6.  Where do you see Social Common in five years? 

As the largest digital community for moms.

7.  What advice would you give to moms today who look up to you as their inspiration?

Don’t take things to seriously. We are all doing the best we can and that’s all that our kids need. There is far too much pressure on us, as moms, these days. We expect so much. Enjoy the ride, because wasting your time overanalyzing and feeling guilty about what you’re not doing is a terrible way to spend your days.

8.  Complete the sentence, “Today’s Mother is ….”

Everything and anything she wishes to be.


Natalie and Catherine, thank you so much for this interview and for inspiring other moms within the digital community.



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